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Rent Online Here!

We are proud to work with Veritas Instrument Rental (VIR) to offer affordable, high-quality band & orchestra instruments. You can fill out the necessary form online (click button above) or you can fill out the form in our store, which takes about 15 minutes. You can either pick up the instrument at our store or get shipped to your house for free! Rentals start at $20.00 per month, which includes maintenance and repair (insurance).

We are much more than just the place to pick-up the instrument! Not only do we provide the new and like new quality name brands that you can trust, but your rental payments are building equity towards OWNING the instrument. We also offer cash discounts on purchasing instruments, you can cancel at any-time risk free, damage and replacement coverage available in case of damaged instruments at no additional cost, fast and easy approvals, and instrument upgrade/exchange options.

If your VIR instrument needs repair, bring it in to us! Almost all repairs will cost you nothing, click here.
If you need to contact VIR directly about billing, your balance, paying your bill over the phone, etc., their number is 800-578-9724 (click here for more detailed list of contact options)
If you’d like to read the fine print of the instrument rental agreement, click here.

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