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We get a lot of questions about our Perzina pianos because they’re becoming increasingly popular in the US, and people want to know more. Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to dig up good information about Perzinas on the internet — the manufacturer’s website is pretty out-of-date and a lot of sites recycle the same information. Most of the reviews on Perzina are on PianoWorld.com, which is a fine forum, but whose members sometimes have agendas or the posts are out of date. So we consulted some books, talked to the distributor, and brought in some experts. Since we sell Perzinas, we obviously like them immensely, but without further ado, here is WHY we’re so enthusiastic about Perzina pianos.

Perzina BBT model

An example of a beautiful Perzina grand piano

Perzina History

The Perzina Brothers started their modest piano company in 1871 and were a prominent manufacturer through WWI or WWII, depending on who you ask. They were considered “Pianos of Royalty” during this time. Their manufacturing was halted during WWII, then resumed as a state-run operation in East Germany. Shortly after the Iron Wall fell, in 1993 a dutch company Music Brokers International B.V. bought the company and started re-investing heavily in the factory. However, after the Euro was introduced and exchange rates made exporting to the U.S. highly unfavorable, CEO of Music Brokers Ron Ball looked into moving the unique Perzina piano manufacturing overseas. Production was moved to China and produced in conjunction with Yantai Longfeng Piano Company for a number of years, before the European Music Brokers built their own factory in Yantai, China in 2003. The piano designs were all directly transplanted from Germany and with new equipment, resulted in the best pianos Perzina produced in many years.

About Perzina Pianos

The Perzina vertical pianos have several technical advantages. One of their key advantages is the floating soundboard, which is unattached at key points for a more free vibration that results in a richer sound. This particular innovation is starting to be imitated throughout the piano industry, including on newer models of Young Chang, Yamaha, and in the next few years, likely on Kawaii uprights. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Perzina is highly flattered to be one of the most copied pianos in the industry. Their soundboard crown is concave for better structure and sound. Larry Fine, of PianoBuyer.com, says “the Perzina verticals sound very good, their bass being particularly notable.” (Fall 2012 edition)

Technical Advantages of Perzina Verticals

Some of the technical advantages of the Perzina verticals

Although recent grands have been well-regarded, Perzina engineers came out with a brand new grand piano design in 2011. These are FABULOUS instruments.

Many customers are understandably skeptical of Chinese-manufactured pianos, just like with other consumer goods. There are bad Chinese pianos out there, especially from brands that weren’t involved enough in quality-control and oversight of the manufacturing process. Because of this, there is some justifiable prejudice against these bad Chinese pianos. However, the German design and the Dutch oversight combined with the technical expertise of the Chinese manufacturing team resulted in very good pianos. And although some veteran piano experts cling to negative opinions about almost anything made in Asia, these instruments are wonderful to play! Plus, it’s just not that black-and-white: over 90% of the materials in a Perzina are European.

European Parts

One of the best things about the Perzina pianos is that each piano has at least 90% European parts. And these are high quality parts — The Renner actions used in many models are order complete from Germany, not assembled from parts. Renner actions are also found in Petrof instruments. The majority of the woods are dense, high-altitude woods that have a better sound.

Perzina Grand Tech Info

Some of the advantages of the Perzina grand pianos

Why Perzina?

Most families choose a Perzina for a few reasons. Because of their technical innovations and high-quality European components, the Perzina sound is marvelous: very rich, well-rounded, and clear. The action is very smooth and responsive. Although the price tag is a little higher than some other new pianos, the overall value is pretty remarkable: top-tier sound, feel, and beauty for a very moderate price.

But don’t just take our opinion for it — many experts and concert pianists like Perzina pianos.


Some of the many pianists who endorse Perzinas.



Perzina: a well-respected piano.


Of course, you also need to hear it, in person. We encourage you to stop in and listen for yourself. In the meantime, here are a few short YouTube videos that we found that, unlike many Perzina video clips, have decent sound quality. They don’t do a Perzina justice, but they give you an idea of the beautiful sound that is possible.


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