Kawai Rebate Event for National Piano Month 2016

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The Kawai Rebate Event is being extended to October 31st to celebrate National Piano Month. National Piano Month was in September but Kawai felt compelled to carry the celebration until the end of October with some instant rebates that are a great reason to join in the celebration:

  • The GX-series performance grands have rebates of Up To $3,000. These are the pinnacle of sound, control, and elegance, with the best features that Kawai has to offer on any instrument.
  • The GL-series “Classic Kawai” grands offer all the elegance and performance that you’ve come to expect from Kawai, at a very competitive price point, with instant rebates up to $1,000.
  • The K-series performance uprights, including the flagship K-300, are incredibly popular in homes and teaching environments where a grand is not possible. For the Kawai Piano Rebate Event, we have rebates for up to $750 on K-series uprights.
  • Kawai’s award-winning hybrid pianos have real wooden keysticks and real spruce soundboards for an incredible sound, with the most realistic digital action to date, with rebates of up to $300 on select models, like the CS-11.

Kawai CS-11 Hybrid Digital Piano with Soundboard

Why Buy During the Kawai Rebate Event?

We understand that choosing a piano can be a little intimidating and require some research. Here are a few reasons why you can trust Kawai:

Kawai has become one of the best-known brands in the world because they constantly innovate and improve on their already world-class acoustic pianos. The best part of a Kawai is the Millenium III action – built with incredibly strong ABS Styran and reinforced with carbon fiber. What does this mean for you? It’s faster, stronger, and gives you more control while playing. Additionally, because it doesn’t swell and contract with humidity, it requires less maintenance and remains more precise for many more years than instruments with a traditional wooden action. And the attention to sound is impeccable – rich, full, balanced tones that allow you to express yourself in any genre you choose.

Kawai digital pianos have amazing, cutting edge technology to give you an incredibly realistic sound and touch. One of the amazing features of a Kawai digital piano is their Harmonic Imaging XL, a stereo map created by Kawai engineers from harmonic data to recreate the fantastic sound of of the 9’ EX- concert grand piano, with true 88- Key Sampling and extended length samples.

And in terms of action, you have to play Kawai’s Grand Feel II wooden-key stick action to believe it – it’s incredibly realistic!

Kawai realized 85 years ago the that just like the pianist is always evolving, his or her playing technique and sound, the piano has to evolve also. Tradition is good, but tradition without vision for the future can be stagnant. Kawai nourishes that evolution with respect to tradition its use of technology in creating a sensational sounding piano. Experience these innovations this month during the Kawai Rebate Event and experience the future in piano.

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