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Although I’ve been writing our email newsletter for years now, there’s always room for improvement. I’ve been doing some reading about email marketing and am please to announce some new changes to our weekly email newsletter:

  • “Read More” Teasers – Rather than include several long articles in their entirety, we can now post “teasers” that allow you to read what you want to read, and quickly skim everything else.
  • Articles on our FPC Blog – Now, we can post all of our newsletter articles on our fancy new blog (entitled “News,” under “About Us”). Now, anyone can google these articles without being a subscriber.
  • More Targeted Content – We can now see what articles you’re interested in by what links you click on, using fancy analytic software from Constant Contact and WordPress. Over time, this helps us decide what to spend time/energy writing about.
  • A Simpler, 1-Column Template – For folks with slower internet and/or reading their emails on their phones, these changes should speed up the loading and reading process. (We’re looking to do more “mobile optimization” in the next 6-12 months).

Thanks for reading! If you have any feedback, please feel free to email it to me at [email protected] Thanks!

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