Piano Tuner and owner Alice Alviani tuning our concert grand, a 9'4" Mason & Hamlin

Our Piano Tuning Service

When Family Piano Co. works on your piano, we do more than just make sure that every key is playing at the right pitch. Just as importantly, we make the needed repairs and adjustments so that all the keys have the same feel and response. All of our piano tuners are also experienced technicians and members of the Piano Technicians Guild. A piano needs periodic tuning to function at its finest. For a piano that’s played by a discerning pianist, tunings should be scheduled at 6 month intervals. For most players, tunings should be scheduled at least annually. Letting a piano go for long periods without professional services actually can cause problems and should be avoided. How long does a standard tuning take? A typical piano tuning takes about an hour and a half, depending on the tuner and the condition.

Piano Tuning Cost

Our standard price is $110 for a piano tuning. If it requires a second pass in the same visit (typically, because it hasn’t been tuned in several years), the rate could be as much as $165. Minor repairs and adjustments are included in the standard tuning fee. However, if major repairs will be needed, you will be consulted before this work is done. We typically schedule tunings about 1 week in advance.

Where We Tune

We currently service Lake and Kenosha Counties. We will tune in Racine County, McHenry County, and Cook County, but with a $15 distance fee.

Call us at 847.775.1988 to set-up a tuning today!

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