Ebony Grand


The foundation of Western music, the piano has greatly influenced the development of different genres and styles. Piano is one of the most popular instruments in the world, and for good reason. Both treble and bass staffs are involved, which encourages a fuller understanding of music theory. Composers and players alike love the piano because by playing entire songs on piano — which usually involve multiple simultaneous structures — you learn to see music as a whole, unlike with most instruments that only play one note or melody at a time. One can quickly learn to play a melody by playing just a few notes, and because of its visual layout, it is arguably easier than something like trombone or clarinet. Yet, one can also quickly learn rich chords, beautiful arpeggios, and useful scales for a more complex sound. Wonderfully versatile, pianos are great for playing solo or in a group setting, for playing deep, dramatic fugues, or light, delicate sonatas.

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