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What We Do For Each Piano:
  • Tune the piano, and fine-tune it right before it goes out.
  • Fully inspect piano: action, bridge, soundboard, pinblock, dampers, etc.
  • Space & shape the hammers
  • Adjust hammer alignment and travel
  • Level & square keys
  • Adjust lost motion & let off
  • Adjust blow distance for optimal aftertouch
  • Regulate dampers
  • Polish & lube keypins & capstans
  • Tighten action screws, lube action centers
  • Clean & polish keys
  • Case cleaning, polishing, staining, and repair (if necessary)
  • Anything else that is necessary!

Although new pianos don’t need as much cleaning, they do need to be adjusted they’re usually not optimal “right out of the box.” We make sure each piano new or refurbished is brought up to its ideal state for playing.

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