Why Choose Family Piano Co?
As a local brick-and-mortar family business in downtown Waukegan, Family Piano Co is committed to your musical success and enjoyment. We are very proud of our services here at Family Piano Co. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your piano needs:

Alice TuningOur Expertise
Unlike with many piano stores, the owner, Alice Alviani, is a piano tuner & technician herself, with over 18 years experience. Likewise our Field Technician Michael Collin has extensive experience in tuning and solving complex piano problems. The entire technical staff participates in on-going education and training so that every piano we work on plays its best.

WWeWeWeShowroomWe Stand Behind Our Products
Every piano that goes out our door is brought to its fullest potential, in terms of tone, dynamics, responsiveness, and exterior beauty. We stand behind each piano when we sell it and for many years after. Not only does every piano that we sell comes with a great warranty, but if we need to go above-and-beyond to solve your piano needs, even years down the line, we absolutely will. We are not looking for a quick sale, but rather for a long-term relationship. After not just surviving, but flourishing since 2006, you can count on us to keep you and your piano happy for many years.

the new Joplin's JavaAffordability
Before we even picked our name, we knew that we wanted to help families buy affordable, high-quality pianos that fit their needs. That has been the basis of Family Piano Co. from Day One. We are one of the few piano stores in the country that specializes in entry-level refurbished pianos. They require a lot more work, but we’re proud of how many more families have been able to afford to bring piano music into their lives because of this focus. Likewise, advanced students often need a highly-responsive and dynamic piano that fits into a certain budget, so we make sure you’re buying the perfect piano, not just an expensive brand name. We work with cutting-edge manufacturers who are re-defining the industry because of their focus not just on great engineering and sound, but also price. On a day-to-day basis, we pass along savings to you by keeping our costs low. We have a small, focused staff in downtown Waukegan that works on perfecting our pianos, not scheming up expensive marketing campaigns.

Award-Winning Community Involvement
We believe that business is based on relationships, not transactions. We support the music community by providing free recital space for students of all ages, even if they take music lessons with an outside teacher. We host top-notch concerts, to support professional musicians and enrich the cultural landscape of the area. We love to host community events here in Waukegan, as well as give back financially to deserving groups with the Alice Cares Fundraising Program, in which we give 15% of all revenue for an entire week from Alice brand merchandise to a designated social cause.

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